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Of our capabilities and details of the company and departments and specialties


Installation of mechanical equipment

       Installation (pumps, tanks, pipelines, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, towers, compressors, etc. with required steel structures including alignment, straightening, calibration and balancing through specialized personnel with good experience in these fields, working procedures are prepared for compliance Symbol and international standards.

(B) Piping systems and accessories for defective materials

      (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Monel, Inconel, Copper, Aluminum) This work complies with ANSI 31.3, 31.1, 31.4, 31.8 and API1104.

  1. Our technical staff is able to:

      C1. The welding procedure for (materials, position, diameter, thickness and welding process) is designed according to the American Welding Association (AWS). We have commodity programs in this field.


       C2. fabrication:


  Piping networks

Steel structure

Storage cabinets

       C3. Qualified personnel in:

  SMAW shielded metal ARC welding

Arc Welding Tungsten Gas GTAW (TIG)

GMAW Metal Gas Arc Welding (MIG)

        C4. Installation and maintenance personnel for mechanical equipment.

Rotary machines (gas turbines, pumps, blowers, fans, compressors).

  Pressure vessels, heat exchangers, boilers, tanks, barrels, towers, chimneys, reactors, etc.


In the field of Devices

We have many contributions and we have specialized teams to perform the following functions:



Cable trusses, manufacture of accessories, brackets, wall mounting, floor trusses, overhead suspension facilities and equipment service.


The installation of cable tray routing was accomplished by changes in height, bending, splitting, lateral cutting, splicing, grounding, and bonding.


Installation of cables, laying using special equipment for tension and pressure and crimping tools including the risk zone.


Terminate cables (stripping, crimping, labeling, shield continuity and terminations) from the field side up to the control room.


Installation of industrial control networks to deliver data signal in computerized process control, including field bus, gateways, Ethernet and architecture (twisted cables, coaxial cables, fiber optic and wireless facilities).


Junction boxes support the foundation and glands that enter and end with marking

Installation of dashboards and locals with all necessary structures and channels, supports cable handling, cable entrance and termination

Calibration instruments using international standards before installation with appropriate testing equipment such as temperature furnaces, dead weight test, Fluke process simulator, calibration of temperature elements, control seat test valve, seat safety valves and a variety of measuring instruments.


Manufacture and install hook tools including wall and floor supports, panel racks, necessary fittings, gauges, valves, regulators and filters to achieve correct tool operations.


Installation of pneumatic and hydraulic rings with the desired hook. DCS integrates regulatory control, information packets, plc interlocking, serial programming, and direction tuning for optimal applications

DCS integrates regulatory control, information packets, plc interlocking, serial programming, and direction tuning for optimal applications.

Control cabinet design and manufacturing including operation, control and imitation office.

Loop inspection and commissioning including continuity signal transmission, periodic signal control, alarms, tilt, interactions, reporting, display, automatic manual overruns, local remote operation, and interlocking.

System installation analysis, sampling and commissioning.

Control valves, safety valves, and resizing of the nozzle panel using internationally recognized computer software.


Control system design by using ISA-SIDS. SA-20 models

Supply, installation and operation of security systems including loop television cameras and security surveillance loop.

Supply, installation and commissioning:

General address and posting.


World wide web.

Satellite TV system.

Our participation in many well-known projects such as:

Water treatment plants

Oil refinery

Electrical, gas and thermal power plants. We have the energy requirements and tools to do our work, and you will be happy with our expert team.


Engineering Inspection Services

Our company performs all necessary inspections, tests and tests according to the field of work, engineering design, specifications and reference codes, and maintains inspection records and compiles all QAIQC documents for final turnover.

Our employees are qualified from ASNT (American Society for Non-Destructive Testing) Level II Certificate in (RT, UT, PT, MT, VI).

Our staff is fully licensed and authorized by the RPC (Radiation Protection Center / Ministry of Environments) to perform radiological tests.

Prepare test procedures

Non-Exchange Test (NDT):

Visual test (VT).

Radiological test (RT).

Ultrasonic testing (UT).

Liquid Penetration Test (PT).

Magnetic Particle Testing (MT).

Pressure test (hydrostatic and pneumatic).

Vacuum test.

Ultrasonic thickness measurements and scanning

Coating thickness measurements

Quality assurance / quality control activities in the construction of power, petrochemical and industrial plants (pipelines, storage tanks, pressure vessels, etc.).

Dispersion test material:

tensile strength

Hardness test

Compression test

Material Analysis

Torsion test

Bending test

Inspection of lifting equipment (mobile cranes, forklifts and elevators).


Welding inspection


See specifications, codes, reference standards, field changes and other approved documents such as procedures, shop / building drawings, erection drawings, isometric drawing, P&ID melting, etc.


Verify that the material to be welded is the exact type, type, size, thickness, etc., required by the approved project documents.


Review manufacturer's material test reports.


Welding qualification according to ASME IX.


Design or adopt welding procedures for each type of welding and its position. To (AWS).

Procedural qualification tests required for prequalified welds and verify that PQRs comply with all applicable requirements. (These tests are done in local laboratories).


Verify that all welding consumables comply with approved WPS approved documentation and verify that all electrodes are properly stored.


Verify that the electrical property (welding current and voltage) falls within the WPS parameters using a hand-held volt / ampere.


Verify that joint preparation, assembly practice, heated temperatures, overlapping temperatures, welding techniques, welding performance, and heat treatment after welding meet the requirements of approved documents, WPS, and applicable code.


Perform a visual inspection of the work: check the size, length and location of all welds. Verify that all welds comply with approved code and document requirements.


Mark the welds, parts and joints that have been checked and accepted using a marker, marker, or dye seal. The marker must include the laboratory initials (if any), the initials of the inspector, and the date and status of the inspection.


Identify our responsibility for non-destructive testing technicians (NDT) in a timely manner, following visual inspection and acceptance.



Pipeline inspection


Review specifications of pipeline design and data sheet.


Written plan or QC inspection / inspection test plan.


Inspect the location of the transport pipe path to ensure the classification of the area, type of construction and safe distance available.

Check the maximum and minimum pipeline depth, slope angle, trench depth, maximum distance to support period, right of way (ROW).


Write or review the specifications of welding procedures, process qualification records, welding performance qualification test, paint performance qualification test, repair procedures, and welding certificates. 6. Performance of welding qualification (WPQ) and welding procedures qualification (PQR).


Inspection of welding preparation, pipe alignment, visual inspection of welding results.


Nondestructive testing (radiological test using creeping gamma rays and gamma rays 9. 9. Examination of pipe bending in situ: Check the light, r, tube thickness, pipe bending radius.

Review the calculation of force: stress that occurs on the pipes, twisting, calculating the pipe support, and conducting hydrostatic testing.


Check the user of corrosion protection system: corrosion property, corrosion protection method, coating specifications and dimensions


Supply, installation, testing, starting of high voltage transformers (transformers, high voltage switchgear with protection system).

Design, supply, installation and testing of main and secondary distribution boards and MCC.

Supply and installation of FIV and LV cables, cable ladders and cable trays.

Supply and installation of various industrial electrical equipment such as DC chargers, UPS, and fixed drivers

Supply and installation of lightning protection system

Pull, finish and test power and control cables

Supply, installation and operation of diesel generators with ATS.

Supply, installation, testing and operation of grounding systems including bonding, polishing, fence protection and plant safety.

Supply and installation of cathodic protection system including regulated power supply.

Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of small power system.

Supply, installation and testing of fire alarm system installation.

Supply and installation of high voltage distribution and transmission including towers, insulators, dampers and bare wires.

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Design and Supply of Materials

To operate DAR ALCAESER Co.  with many design and supply companies, the following are some of the fields being covered in this way.


Industrial buildings: Can DAR ALCAESER Co.  provide industrial buildings?

Drinking water and wastewater treatment: At DAR ALCAESER Co. 

Processing plants: DAR ALCAESER Co.  can provide a wide range of pipe materials, valves and fittings from reliable international sources. We are able to handle tanks

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