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Our engineering services determine exactly what is needed for your facility. Services include design ( industrial plants, including civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, process, and water treatment engineering ), also trouble-shooting and optimization, feasibility studies, computer simulations, detail design, construction management and startup.

We also ensure that designs, project quality, and other contractual obligations are in full compliance with local laws and national standards, no matter where these projects are founded and completed.

Our experience in civil construction, electro-mechanical work, buildings projects, and civil works for EPC-specified projects include:

  • Soil Survey works
  • Earth moving, excavation, back filling insulation, and demolition works
  • Piling
  • Formwork & concrete works (for foundation, beams, columns, walls, and slabs)
  • Steel reinforcement works
  • Anchoring on concrete mix
  • Fireproofing
  • Underground piping
  • Structural steel works

– From the period of 1997 and 2007, Caesar Dar existed as HASAN HAMMOOD Bureau ,and From the period of 2007 and 2017as ALRASED Co. We involved in various size projects, as show some of them below:

  • In the Baiji refineries building a staff complex in the black carbon plant.
  • Processing of precision machines from FOXBORO for Baiji refineries.
    • Supply valves for Baiji refineries.
    • Supply and implementation of the industrial water pipeline project from oil refineries to the treatment unit in Salah uddin Refinery 2.
    • Equipping a laboratory with Baiji refinery inspection devices.
    • Worked as a contractor with Washington Group Company in Baiji Power Station, providing logistical support, construction of gates, guard building, fences and protection towers.
    • Worked as a contractor with Washington Group Company and Scope Company at Baiji Power Station Civil and Mechanical works for laying a fuel pipe for mobile gas stations.
    • Supplying pumps from Flowserve Company to Baiji Thermal Power Station.
    • Supplying an integrated inspection workshop for Mulla Abdullah power station in Kirkuk.
    • Installation and maintenance of refineries.C

Supply, installation, testing, starting of high voltage transformers (transformers, high voltage switchgear with protection system).
Design, supply, installation and testing of main and secondary distribution boards and MCC.
Supply and installation of FIV and LV cables, cable ladders and cable trays.
Supply and installation of various industrial electrical equipment such as DC chargers, UPS, and fixed drivers
Supply and installation of lightning protection system
Pull, finish and test power and control cables
Supply, installation and operation of diesel generators with ATS.
Supply, installation, testing and operation of grounding systems including bonding, polishing, fence protection and plant safety.
Supply and installation of cathodic protection system including regulated power supply.
Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of small power system.
Supply, installation and testing of fire alarm system installation.
Supply and installation of high voltage distribution and transmission including towers, insulators, dampers and bare wires.

Installation of mechanical equipment

Installation (pumps, tanks, pipelines, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, towers, compressors, etc. with required steel structures including alignment, straightening, calibration and balancing through specialized personnel with good experience in these fields, working procedures are prepared for compliance Symbol and international standards.

(B) Piping systems and accessories for defective materials

(Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Monel, Inconel, Copper, Aluminum) This work complies with ANSI 31.3, 31.1, 31.4, 31.8 and API1104.

C. Our technical staff is able to:

C1. The welding procedure for (materials, position, diameter, thickness and welding process) is designed according to the American Welding Association (AWS). We have commodity programs in this field.

C2. fabrication:

Piping networks
Steel structure
Storage cabinets

C3. Qualified personnel in:

SMAW shielded metal ARC welding
Arc Welding Tungsten Gas GTAW (TIG)
GMAW Metal Gas Arc Welding (MIG)

C4. Installation and maintenance personnel for mechanical equipment.

Rotary machines (gas turbines, pumps, blowers, fans, compressors).
Pressure vessels, heat exchangers, boilers, tanks, barrels, towers, chimneys, reactors, etc.

Engineering Inspection Services:

Our company performs all necessary inspections, tests and tests according to the field of work, engineering design, specifications and reference codes, and maintains inspection records and international documents companies  for final turnover.

Our employees are qualified from ATG  Certificate in (RT, UT, PT, MT, VI).

Our staff is fully licensed and authorized by the RPC (Radiation Protection Center / Ministry of Environments) to perform radiological tests.

Prepare test procedures

Non-Exchange Test (NDT):

Visual test (VT).

Radiological test (RT).

Ultrasonic testing (UT).

Liquid Penetration Test (PT).

Magnetic Particle Testing (MT).

Pressure test (hydrostatic and pneumatic).

Vacuum test.

Ultrasonicthicknessmeasurements and scanning

Coating thickness measurements

Quality assurance / quality control activities in the construction of power, petrochemical and industrial plants (pipelines, storage tanks, pressure vessels, etc.).

Dispersion test material:

  • tensile strength
  • Hardness test
  • Compression test ..

Caesar Dar offers a broad range of products and services for the industrial Sector :

Measurement Instrumentation & Accessories

    Flow Measurement:

  1. Coriolis mass flow meters
  2. Electro Magnetic flow meters
  3. Vortex flow meters
  4. Turbine flow meters
  5. Positive displacement (PD) flow meters
  6. Oval gear meters
  7. Sanitary flow meters
  8. Variable / rotameter flow meters
  9. Orifice type

   Level Measurement:

  1. Differential pressure transmitters,
  2. Buoyancy / level displacer type (level, interface & density),
  3. Radar
  4. Ultrasonic
  5. Level gauges (glass, magnetic, & reflex)
  6. Level switches

 Temperature Measurement:

  1. RTD’s
  2. Thermocouples
  3. Thermowells
  4. Temperatures transmitters
  5. Temperature gauges
  6. Temperature switches

 Calibration Equipment:

  1. Air Regulators
  2. Signal converters : I/P, E/P, P/I Transducers
  3. Volume Booster & Air Relays
  4. Diaphragm Air Cylinders
  5. Tube Fittings
  6. Strainer/Air Eliminators
  7. Totalizing registers, ticket printers.

Process Analytical Measurement:

  1. PH /ORP analyzers
  2. Conductivity analyzers,
  3. Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers.

Pressure Measurement:

  1. Absolute, Differential, & Gauge pressure transmitters
  2. Pressure gauges
  3. Pressure switches

Controllers and Recorders

  1. Controllers
  2. Recorders
  3. Indicators
  4. AC/ DC Drives
  5. Liquid Level Controllers
  6. Pens, Charts and accessories
  7. Batch Controllers

Valves & Accessories

  1. Control Valves
  2. Pneumatic actuators
  3. Positioners (Pneumatic, Electro-Pneumatic, Digital)
  4. Manual Valves.
  5. Level Gauges Valves
  6. Safety Relief Valves
  7. Piston Control Valves
  8. Rapture Discs and Holders.
  9. Vacuum relief valves,
  10. Breathing valves,
  11. Flame arresters,
  12. Blanket gas regulators
  13. Manifold valves

Metering Skids

  1. Gas & liquid metering skids.
  2. Reducing stations.

Monitoring and Control Systems

  1. Machinery condition & vibration monitoring software and hardware solutions
  2. Vibration monitoring equipment and sensors for assessing the mechanical condition of rotating equipment (online system & portable equipment).
  3. Integrated turbine compressor control and supporting services for turbines, plants, compressors and pipelines for today’s most advanced anti-surge applications.
  4. Distributed Control Systems (DCS).
  5. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  6. Programmable Automation Control Systems (PAC)
  7. Process Control Systems

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